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Who we are

A non-Profit Walking Event, for a good Cause.

Let’s Take A Walk is a non-profit endurance walking event that was first started in 1997. Organised by a group of like-minded volunteers from Raleigh Singapore who share the conviction to Pay It Forward, this event challenges participants to push their mental and physical limits while raising funds for a good cause.

The Organizer

Raleigh Singapore is dedicated to the development of youths through adventure-based service-learning activities. Since its inception in 2001, Raleigh Singapore has worked towards developing the youths of Singapore to be empathetic global citizens. Youths from diverse backgrounds and nationalities are encouraged and challenged to discover their full potential by working together on challenging community projects, overseas expeditions and local adventure projects.

In the long run, Raleigh Singapore hopes that these youth would learn to appreciate what they have more and pay it forward by spearheading similar community projects that would help the less-privileged people.

The Beneficiary

Ray of Hope aims to build a stronger and more inclusive community in Singapore, through giving. Our clients are individuals in financial distress, who lack access to existing support systems, including people with disabilities, migrant workers, isolated seniors, single parents, desistors, and the unhoused.

Ray of Hope provides support in three ways: by mobilising financial resources through crowdfunding; forging partnerships with charities, community groups and corporations; and harnessing community capital through mobilising volunteers. This multi-prong approach ensures that resources reach those who need them, as efficiently as possible.

Ray of Hope is a registered charity and an Institution of a Public Character (IPC).

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